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NZism current status

Jul 23, 11:16 AM

Just a brief status update on NZism affairs.


Older posts...

Best of NZism: IRC Quotes thread 1 comments

My personal favourite thread on NZism, IRC quotes thread, is given its rightful place in the Best of NZism fame-hall.

Best of NZism: Wombo Combo! 3 comments

NZism had several really great topics in its time, and I’m going to start highlighting them with a recurring feature called, imaginatively, the Best of NZism.

One thread in all of NZism’s glorious existence stood head and shoulders above all others. Filled with hours worth of content (Seriously. Stu and I sat for 3 hours and only got through half of it), Wombo Combo reigns king and has made it into the Hall of Fame!

Future Power People 1 comments

Dark Phoenix Rises! The future of NZism, a counter-revolution even?

History part two 1 comments

Part two of the fall of NZism retrospective. The possible genesis of Standing Fierce, and a message to the people of NZism.

History part one 2 comments

Here’s a much more personal account of the history of NZism. First off, if you haven’t read the previous post explaining the facts about NZism’s demise, go read them here . That was a factual account. This one is going to have a lot more presumption and ‘feeling’ in it. So take that into account, because I’m sure some of it is wrong, but I have no reason currently to suppose otherwise.