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Coming as no surprise to anyone, here’s the second entry in the Best of NZism series.

While Wombo Combo may have been the most eagerly requested, IRC Quotes has been voted “Better” and “More funny” than Wombo Combo by all people who know a good thread when they see one. It also contains more fast food references, which as we all know is the true measure of success for any NZism discussion.

IRC Quotes Thread

And yes, the IRC channel is still around, EFnet #NZism

Funny stuff still happens there, and even some fighting game discussion. Feel free to join us. There are several web chat clients such as EFnet chat or Webchat

1 Responses to "Best of NZism: IRC Quotes thread"

  1. stuism Says:

    Could we submit quotes here that you could add in the thread?

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