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Another favourite video of mine, once again 3rd Strike, and once again from 2002! This team tourney finals from the 1st Japanese Coop cup really brought some new stuff to the eyes of many westerners, and also has some super clutch moments!


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Fav Vids: #2 - MvC2: NEC3 Team Tournament finals 1 comments

In a further entry into my favourite fighting game vids, I present a classic Marvel vs Capcom 2 team battle from 2002, featuring well known players including Sanford Kelly, Justin Wong and Ricky Ortiz. Full of laughs and early day MvC2 beasting!

Fav Vids: #1 - 3s: Tokido vs Justin Wong, Evo 2k2 No comments

In a new series detailing various fighting game videos which are in some way noteworthy, I cover a short but sweet exhibition match between Justin Wong and Tokido in Street Fighter 3: 3s, from all the way back in 2002.